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Features That a Good Preschool Should Have It is a good option for your child to go to a preschool first before joining a kindergarten. The reason being, your child would benefit much by attending a preschool. To most teachers, it is obvious that every child in their classes have attended preschool. There is a close connection between preschool education and the success of education. However, different preschools are crated differently. Here are some of the features that a good preschool should have. A number one feature that every preschool ought to have is a secure and clean environment. Because of the tender age of the children, they should have a feeling of safety even as they are on their way to school. The school environment should not in any way expose the children’s health to hazardous things or make the insecure. This means, the school should attend to both the mental and physical well-being of the children. When they see the things around the school, they should have a positive feeling. Every preschool should have certain facilities. Examples of facilities that should be present in a preschool are toilet rooms, tidy dining area and toy cabinets. The facilities should be safe and have a connection to children. It is important to eliminate very furniture equipment that may have a sharp edge. If there are any electric outlets, they should all be covered and any other harmful things should be kept away from the kids.
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Young children should have feel welcomed in any preschool atmosphere. The atmosphere should be interesting and captivating. For instance, the classes should be well lightened with appealing images on the walls for the children to see. Teachers handling young children should be friendly in nature and accommodative. Through this, the children will realize that being in school is fun and an opportunity to play and even learn. Meeting the targets can be challenging if the preschool is of low quality. The ratio of the teachers and the students is a quality factor that should be greatly considered in any preschool. The teacher-student ratio ought to be one to seven or ten. If a class has so many children, there should be an extra teacher to assist as young children need more attention and supervision.
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What makes a daycare care different from preschool is that a preschool is structured in amore defined way. The best preschool should have a schedule for all the activities such as writing, playing and sleeping. Through assigning of duties to the children, they will grow up developing a sense of responsibility. Examples of duties may be giving out of playing materials or tiding up the learning area.